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Good afternoon friends and families

Today we welcomed Rania, Goku, Banjo, Zilo, Alanis, Luca, Archie, Dominic, Poppy and Kezia into the yard. The children showed interest in the reading area, having multiple books read to them. They also showed interest in the creek, swinging on the swing and dancing on top of the treehouse. Once all of our friends and arrived, we headed indoors where we sat down for grouptime. Today for grouptime we read “somewhere in Australia” and sang 5 cheeky monkeys. The children really enjoy and love singing along to this song! We then transitioned to the tables where we had morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Bec made our banner that will sit at the top of our art gallery in the hallway. The children all had a turn of painting on the banner, and use their creative skills. This will suit our art gallery so well, be sure to have a look when you walk in next! We then got out the playdough, where the children moulded and rolled it into different consistencies and shapes. Some children decided to get out the whiteboards and draw on them, they really enjoy the whole “draw and erase” concept. We then sat down on the mat with Miss Bec and played doctors, with our new doctors kit. The children were really intrigued with taking turns to give eachother “needles”, listening to eachothers heart and checking each other’s temperature. Some of us even dressed up as the doctor! We then headed outdoors, where we had a run around before lunch and rest.

Happy Monday!!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Lara xx