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Hello Senior Kindy,

Today we welcomed Grace, Poppy, Banjo, Parker, Hudson, Archie, Zahra, Lachlan, Luca, Henry, Rumi, Dominic, Lilly and Alanis into the yard. The children spent the morning in the yard riding bikes, climbing on the obstacle course, running up and down the hill and pushing around the dump trucks. Once all of our friends had arrived, we transitioned inside onto the mat. We read “King Pig” and “Mummy and Me”. We then sang “bee bee bumble bee” before washing our hands for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat back on the mat and talked about todays activities. We also sang multiple nursery rhymes including “the wheels on the bus”, “five little ducks” “I had a tiny turtle” and “hello how are you”. We decided to have another outdoor classroom day. Today, we took the tables outside to continue with our nature week. We had a playdough table with different tools. We also had a nature scenario set up that Miss Bec made which included bark, sand, pine cones and trees. The children used animals to role play in the tray with the different aspects of nature. We then had another table which had bark and paint on it for us to complete some bark painting. The children really enjoyed this as it was a rough surface to paint on rather than paper. The children were able to explore nature in different ways and scenarios. Some children also decided to do some reading on the hill with Miss Bec, where we read stories about ants and different animals. Our Pre-Kindy friends then came outside and joined us for a dance party, and continued to play with the playdough. Being outdoors, allows children to self select in different ways. Children are able to participate in different activities or if they wish, they are able to free play in the yard. Most of the children in Senior Kindy always love the activities though! It was then time to pack away our activities outdoors, and head indoors for lunch.

What a beautiful Tuesday!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Tayla xx

PS: Remember to bring in your family photo so we can add it to our tree! It is a great comforter and conversation starter with children.