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Hello friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Hunter, Rumi, zilo, Kennedy, Rania, Kezia, Parker, Zahra, Saiya, Lilly, Luca, Everly and Archie into Senior kindy. We spent the morning outdoors where the children enjoyed each others company.

After a big play outdoors, we came inside for grouptime. Today, we read “puff the magic dragon” and had a dance party. Our favourite songs are sleeping bunnies, freeze dance party and baby shark. We then washed our hands and sat down for morning tea, which we did sell help skills again.

After morning tea, we started our Australia Day activities. Today, we made boomerangs using the Indigenous colours or red, yellow and white. Miss Bec explained to the children to “dot dot, dot” with the cotton bud, amd most children really understood this concept, saying “dot, dot, dot as they dabbed the cotton tip. The children did really well amd kept asking to do more. We then enjoyed sitting on the mat together and building towers using the duplo blocks. The children used words including “big, massive, it’s a building”. It was amazing to sit and interact with the children, as I find they really enjoy the activity more if an educator does it too.

We then headed outdoors for a quick run around before it was time to head back inside for lunch. Outdoors, Mr Andrew had set up some painting on top of the outdoor classroom which some of up the children went up and enjoyed. It was then time to head back inside, wash our hands and sit down for lunch.

we are all now asleep and resting our bodies and ready for an amazing afternoon in the sunshine.

Have a great weekend,

NOTES: Bec and Deb will be away on Monday.
– Reminder to bring sheets for your child at sleep time please.
–  Reminder to bring heaps of spare clothes, as sometimes we have some accidents or messy play activities.