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Hello Senior Kindy!

This morning our friends spent their morning in the small yard, throwing the ball around, playing with blocks and engaging in stories. We then moved over to the big yard so our soccer friends could have their lesson. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors for group time.

Today for group time, Miss Alicia who read us the ABC book, and sang different songs with us. We then transitioned to the tables by saying “if your name starts with…”. After morning tea, we sat down with Miss Bec where we read a construction book. We then watched an educational videos about “stranger danger”, “germs” and “how to dress ourselves”. The children were very engaged with this and were able to recall the story and important messages. We then transitioned to our activities, by catching the ball when our name was called, and throwing it back to Miss Bec.

Today, we had multiple activities set up. Outside with Miss Alicia we had spray painting of the alphabet. The children spray painted their own letter of their name and held it up. We will be hanging these in our room for the children to learn. Inside, we had an ice cream station, where the children made their own ice cream using magic sand and ice cream scoops. On another table, we had an extension of “dot day”. The children used dot paint pens to dot all over their papers and make their own artwork. On another table, we had alphabet domino’s, where the children matched and tried to make the order of the alphabet. After all the children were finished with activities, we headed outdoors for some free play before lunch.

What a great Wednesday!

Love Miss Bec, Alicia and Aaliyah x