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Hello Senior Kindy friends,

Today we welcomed Henry, Dominic, Alanis, Lachlan, Zahra, Goku, Archie, Grace, Luca, Hudson, Poppy, Banjo, Lilly and our new friend Nayla who will be transitioning to our room from Toddlers. The children spent the morning in the yard, in the mud kitchen making cupcakes and pasta. Dominic, Hudson, Lachlan and Luca, took turns in taking a bucket over to the bubbler, filling it up with water before taking it back to the kitchen and mixing it with sand. Alanis, Zahra, Grace and Lilly spent time pushing each other on the swing, and carrying the baby dolls around the yard. Archie, Goku and Poppy enjoyed engaging with other children riding the bikes and climbing on the obstacle course.

Before morning tea, we sat on the mat for group time. For group time today, Poppy shared a story about her hospital experience. She showed her friends her laughing gas tube that the doctors gave her and showed them how it is used. All of our friends were very intrigued!! We then spoke about who had been in hospital before. Dominic said “I did when I was sick”, “Poppy said I have”, and Luca said “I went when I hurt my leg”. We also shared a story called “chatterbox”, a story about a bird who didn’t know how to speak, then all of a sudden would not stop talking.

After morning tea, we had an indoor/outdoor day. Indoors, we had Miss Bec with different painting activities. We started by using cotton tips to paint on aluminium foil. This activity used our fine motor, hand eye and our creative skills. We then did some spray bottle painting, where we used to spray bottles to colour some pasta. We will be using the colourful pasta tomorrow for necklaces. The children were really intrigued as to why and what we were doing with the pasta. For our outdoor experiences, Miss Aaliyah had set up a soap and water experience for our children to utilise and to wash our baby toys. Not only did this experience allow our students to enjoy water play but it teaches our children the many basics of hygiene, how to wash our bodies and how to look after our toys. We then continued our outdoor play experiences playing in the sand-pit, riding scooters and bicycles on the dirt-bike track, creating train-tracks and reading stories. It was such awesome fun!

As we completed our lunch-time and rest-pause period, we sat around our tables for afternoon tea. During this time, our children had the opportunity to self-select their food and serve their own afternoon tea. Throughout every meal time it is extremely critical and encouraged that all of our students self-select and learn to serve their own. Several benefits are visible when self-serving their own food. It allows our children to enhance their independence, increases fine-motor skills and food awareness. As afternoon tea concluded we slipped on our hats, shoes and sunscreen to enjoy the outdoors for the remaining hour of the day. Overall, we hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday and welcoming back from the long weekend. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah