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Hello Senior Kindy families,

Today we welcomed Zahra, Finley, Lachlan, Archie, Goku, Luca, Hunter, Dominic and also our new friend Henry into our Senior Kindy classroom. We started the morning outdoors with our friends from Pre Kindergarten and Kindy 1 & 2. The children spent their time riding their bikes around, making mud cupcakes in the sand pit and home corner, and kicking the soccer ball into the nets on top of the treehouse.

Just before morning tea arrived, we sat down with Miss Aaliyah for our daily circle time. Throughout this session, we like to take the time to welcome and acknowledge all students and educators that arrived for today’s class. Just after marking our roll, we then discussed amongst one another the experiences and activities we had planned for the day. Followed by group-time singing and dancing, with a transitioning exercise to morning tea. As a transition technique Miss Aaliyah had asked for all students to stand in a line formation with an object placed on the mat for the children to leap over, together the children sung “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed”. One by one Miss Aaliyah would utilise the child’s name into the song and each individual student would leap over the object to go wash their hands for morning tea. For eg. “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed, Luca jumped off and bumped his head. His mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more Luca jumping on the bed”. This experience allows our children to learn about basic number mathematics, teaches our children about name recognition and is a fun and engaging social activity.

After morning tea was served, we then transitioned to our table-top experiences. On the first table we had play dough with painted pasta pieces. The children would utilise their fine motor skills to push, squeeze, grip, poke and play with the play dough and stick in little pasta pieces to make miniature birthday cakes. On the second table we had a very special experience set-up, where our children had the opportunity to first begin creating their Mother’s Day gifts. Without giving away too much detail, the children begun painting mini pot plants used with cotton buds and paint brushes. All of our students are very eager and excited for our mummy’s to see our gifts. During our table-top experiences, the children had their martial arts lesson. The children had placed on their hats, shoes and sunscreen to engage in awesome health and fitness experiences.

As we completed our lunch-time and rest-pause period, during the remaining hours of our day at Riversdale we had participated in self-serving afternoon tea followed by outdoor afternoon play. Throughout our afternoon play, the children had found their interests in playing piggy in the middle, gardening in the sand-pit, climbing in the treehouse and having picnics on the hill. Overall, we hope you all have had a beautiful Thursday and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah.