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Good afternoon friends and families,
Happy Wednesday! We are certainly missing seeing you in our room, hopefully it will be back to normal soon! We appreciate your understanding.
This morning we welcomed Zahra, Rania, Lachlan, Goku, Grace, Everly, Rumi, Finley, Henry, Archie, Hudson and Alanis into the yard. The children spent the morning exploring, bug hunting, making cupcakes in the mud kitchen, balancing on the beams, making the creek flow with water, and even doing some outdoor reading. When all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors in our “choo choo train” fashion and sat on the mat for grouptime. For grouptime today, we read two books, one about saying please and one about saying thankyou. This is to encourage the children to use manners in a day to day setting and in different scenarios. We then sang bee bee bumble bee, washed our hands and sat down at the table for morning tea.
After morning tea, we sat on the mat where we practiced our shapes and our letters. Miss Aaliyah drew shapes and letters on the whiteboard while we guessed and named each one. We then transitioned to our activities. Today, we continued with our indoor/outdoor program. We had half the children indoors and half the children outdoors.
Outdoors, Miss Aaliyah raced the children on bikes, we practiced our balance on the balancing beams, we made different foods in home corner including “pasta, cookies, rainbow cupcakes and spaghetti”.
Indoors, we made some handprints where we painted our own hands, which will eventually make the wings of our Easter chickens. We also played with the lightbox, putting our new gel toys on top, watching them light up. The children identified each animal and letter that we put on. The children also played with the dinosaur world, that was made out of playdough and and animals and trees.
We then all headed outside where we had a dance party. We also practiced our balancing skills with toys. For example Finley, Lachlan, Everly and Alanis had a train track bridge and had to balance the train on the bridge, even with it rocking back and forth, hoping the train didn’t fall off.

What a great day we have had!

NOTE: We have had a case of confirmed diarrhoea in our room today. Please keep an eye on your child, if they devekop any symptoms/abnormalities please go to the doctor. They child will need to isolate for 48 hours and get a medical clearance.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this time.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx