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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Lachlan, Kennedy, Dominic, Zahra,Finley, Parker, Luca, Rumi, Hunter and our new friend Ella! Welcome Ella! We started the morning outdoors where the main interests this morning were the treetop, the grass hill, the bikes and the outdoor kitchen. The children had a blast!

We then transitioned indoors and sat straight on the mat for group time where Miss Bec read us “Ducks away” and sang “open shut them and bee bee bumble bee” before we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea. After morning tea, we had a Arakan martial arts lesson, which we absolutely loved on the top of the treehouse. Once that was over, our main activity for the day was making our own play dough! The children sat at the table, taking turns in pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mixing them together. They then watched Miss Bec add and mix in the hot water. once the play dough was ready, the children played with it, manipulating, rolling and shaping it into different shapes and sizes.
For the rest of the morning, the children enjoyed free play within the room, which included books, train tracks, puzzles and toy fruit and animals.
This afternoon, weather permitting, the children will be outdoors and enjoying the afternoon with their friends from the other senior centre rooms.

Love, Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx