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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Luca, Hunter, Kennedy, Kezia, Everly, Zahra, Lilly, Ella, Parker and our new friend Archie, into the room. Welcome Archie!! We spent the morning outdoors where the children explored and ran around the yard with their friends for, Pre kindy, and the kindergarten classes. The main interests today were the bikes, grass hill and the sandpit. We had a long play outdoors today, before we transitioned inside and sat on the mat for group time. For group time today we read, “that alpaca stole my cracker” and did our alphabet flash cards.
We then spent the rest of the morning indoors due to the rain, so the children had the option of free play, the drawing table, the dinosaur table and the puzzle table. A lot of the children chose free play in home corner and with the train track while some of the children enjoyed the puzzles and the dinosaur table. Once we had a good play indoors, Miss Bec gathered us on the mat for another group time where we sang some nursery rhymes including the wheels on the bus, open shut them and bee bee bumble bee before we washed our hands and transitioned to the tables for lunch. After rest time, we will be staying indoors and having free play weather permitting. Hopefully we can go outside!!
we have had such a good day today!!
Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx