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Happy Friday everyone.

What a wonderful day we have had in the Kindergarten room today with our senior Kindy friends and Miss TJ joining us.

Today the children from kindergarten were very excited as we were going to be making cupcakes to have for our afternoon tea.  This came about as yesterday a few of our friends created a wonderful restaurant. As an extension of this I asked the children if they would like to create another restaurant today baking some delicious treats. We also had some other things to consider for our restaurant, what we were going to need and what sorts of things we see when we go to a restaurant or café. The children commented that we needed plates, cups, flowers, table numbers and napkins. This afternoon the children will have the opportunity to set the table with “Rainbow coloured plates, plants, napkins and cups” and we will enjoy the delicious cupcakes we made.

Did someone mention cupcakes. What a hive of activity the baking table was as lots of the children wanted to be engaged in the baking experience. Before we started we talked about hygiene when baking, all making sure we had washed our hands we were ready to get started. First we read through the recipe together and checked that we had all of the ingredients. Next the children had turns at measuring, mixing and counting the ingredients, once the ingredients were combined the children had turns at spooning the mixture into the cupcake cases. Great team work today friends.

On the other table the children were given bubbles with drops of food colouring inside them. The children blew the bubbles onto a piece of paper and watched as the bubbles turned their paper red, yellow, blue, green or rainbow. Blowing bubbles can be a bit tricky sometimes but the children stayed persistent and even tried using the bubbles wand as a paint brush. Very creative!
For group time the Kindergarten children put on a show for the Senior Kindy children. They practiced their graduation songs for the first time in front of an audience and they did an amazing job. The Senior Kindy children sat beautiful watching and gave the big kids a big clap at the end. Miss Emma also read a story called ‘Hit the ball Duck!’.

We made our way over to the after school care room for a new space to do our dance lesson. It was a lovely space for the children to dance especially because of the cool aircon. Today at dance we had a nice warm up stretch and moved our bodies to the music. The children are becoming more and more confident when doing solos and are jumping straight up to show off their moves. We jumped and wiggled around to the songs holding maracas. To finish off we practiced our hopping and jumping with the hopscotch mat.
Coming back inside our kindergarten room we played a game of ‘Do you know the muffin man?’ which was a great group experience where we learnt how to take turns and using our thinking skills. One child closed their eyes while we hid someone under the blanket. The child then returned to the group and had to guess who was hiding.
We are very excited to have our delicious cupcakes this afternoon!

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon. Miss Emma and Miss TJ