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😊Welcome to Friday’s Blog 😊

Pre Kindy and Senior Kindy combined today and the children were so excited as a few of our friends were in each other’s classrooms last year together. This morning, during our outside play Mr Andrew was singing a song about the seasons. We spoke about how we are in Autumn when the leaves begin to fall from our trees and the weather starts to cool down. When we came inside for our first group time, Hendrix was singing “Autumn leaves fall down”. Extending off the Season’s discussion we watched a clip on YouTube about the different seasons in Australia. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Oli said, “Winter is when it snows”. Great job Oli! Although it doesn’t snow here on the Gold Coast, it does become a nit cold for us to wearing jumpers, beanies etc. Zander said that he wears a beanie in winter.

At the tables we set up a painting and collage activity to extend off our season’s learning. We encourage the children to create a picture focusing on a specific season. The children told us about their pictures and the season they were inspired by.

We borrowed Miss Donna’s large car mat for the children to play down on the floor, racing the cars around the town. The light box was also set up with the mini beasts collection. The children absolutely loved observing the mini beasts and stacking the blocks on top of each other, using their problem solving skills to create towers. The children also enjoyed the bug investigation area using the magnifying glasses and dressing up in construction clothing like Hi VIS vests and Hard hats while building with the blocks and playing with the diggers.

Together we packed away the activities and had a boogie on the mat, dancing to some of our favourite tunes. We danced and jumped around to let out some energy and then lined up to go on a “walk through the jungle”. It was a great listening game where we had to follow the song practicing walking forwards and backwards. At the end we had to run from a tiger. Ahhhhh! We all hid in the sandpit area, playing in the sand with our friends before it was safe to walk around the yard. We had another group time laying under the tree. The group practiced belly breathing and watched and listened to the leaves blowing in the wind. Some falling to the ground representing Autumn. Miss TJ read ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ before we ate a delicious lunch and had a lovely relaxing rest.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay safe 😊

Love Miss TJ and Miss Livia