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It’s Friday!

Today we combined in the Pre Kindergarten room with the Senior Kindy children. We started our morning with some sing along songs. Miss TJ taught us a new song called ‘People all around the world just like me and you’. We learnt how to say Hello in four languages, Chinese, English, Japanese and Fijian. We then sang ‘5 Little speckled frogs’ using our hands to do the actions. Today we celebrated our friend Ellie’s (Snr Kindy) 3rd birthday. Ellie stood up in front of the class and showed off her pretty princess dress and crown that she got this morning and told us how old she was now. We sang happy birthday to Ellie and did three claps for her. At the tables we made our very own crowns using red, yellow, green and blue paint. The children also used orange tissue paper and glue to stick on flowers. They told us us how old they were and then that’s how many flowers they put on their crowns. They are all so excited to wear them this afternoon once the crowns are dry!

The children enjoyed a exploring around the room with each other playing. The play dough table was lots of fun with the children using their imagination to create. A group of children used the paddle pop sticks and the dough to make wands. They walked around the table singing “Bibbity bobbity Boo”. The children also had a blast in the home corner area role playing families, getting creative at the construction mat with the mobilo and investigating the fairy garden.

Miss Donna and the children sang and danced along to the silliest song ever called ‘Mr Clickety Cane” before heading outside under the fort for a play in the shaded sand.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week!

Miss TJ, Miss Donna and Miss Holly