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Happy Monday Friends and Families 😊

Another lovely start to the week for Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy children. We had a lovely morning play warming up in the sun from the cool Autumn morning we had. The children loved having a big colouring table with plenty of colours and paper to choose from. Together with MIss TJ we practiced drawing a circle and zig zag lines. Asher even made a treasure map! Millicent and Rosie were having chats and playing hiding games around the cubby house. Mr Nick made us an awesome new messy play kitchen which he placed in the sand pit. It didn’t take long for the children to start pouring sand and water through the sink and using it as a kitchen to make sand food. Emerson was enjoying role playing with the dolls in the doll house while Harley was practicing some gross motor skills pushing around on the scooter.

Coming inside for a group time we extended off our ‘Feelings and Emotions’ learning from last week. We all have feelings and that’s okay! Firstly we read a story together with Miss TJ called ‘Penguins Skating Party’ which was about a penguin who did not know how to skate then finally built up the courage and gave it a go, loving it. While reading through we focused on what we thought the main character penguin was feeling and why he was feeling that way. The group were spot on and could tell by the penguins facial expressions how he was feeling. We then continued to look at some pictures of children feeling different emotions. Miss TJ asked the group to call out if they knew why the child might be feeling that way. For example: A child was crying, holding a soccer ball while it was raining outside. Ellie called out saying “It’s because it’s raining outside and he wants to kick the ball”. Miss TJ went around the group asking the children the question. It gave the children the opportunity to extend on their language skills and build some confidence talking in front of a group of people. Miss Steph and Miss TJ were very impressed with the children’s knowledge of emotions already!

We grabbed our hats and rubbed in our own sunscreen (practicing more self-help skills), then made our way outdoors again. On the tables we had a face swap and match game where the children could make an emotion using paper plate cut outs of the top and bottom half of a face. They LOVED this activity, having a bit of a giggle at the different faces they could make. We asked the children what emotion they made using the paper plate faces.On another table we grabbed paper and chalk pastels for a different drawing tool. The picture came out very colourful and bright. The last activity table had pin boards to practice more mine motor skills, picking up the pins and pushing them through the holes.

Today the children were very persistent when giving self help skill tasks and they did an amazing job. They packed away their meals, made their beds, dressed themselves- all giving it their best shot! We are so proud of you all!

Have a great afternoon 

Miss TJ and Miss Steph x