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Happy Monday friends and families!

Today we combined again in the Pre Kindy room. It was a lovely start to another amazing week with our friends at kindy. This morning after a delicious fruit and yogurt pizza, the children made their way over to the quiet reading mat where they relaxed on the couches and pillows and read stories with their peers. It was a great opportunity for some down time after a big morning play in the sun and to interact and share stories with each other. We then made our way over to the big group time mat where we stretched our bodies in the circle to warm up for the day. We practiced pointing and flexing our feet and stretching our back and neck. Miss TJ then read the children ‘When I’m feeling Sad’. The children all showed me their sad faces. Mace even said that sometimes when people say they don’t want to play with him, that makes him feel sad. His friends all agreed! The story was great because it taught us that if we ever feel sad, its important for us to tell someone as they can help us to feel better. We then transitioned off to activities.

At the play dough table, we added a bit of nature from the yard. The children loved using the leaves, branches and stones to create and use as tools to mold the dough. On another table the children were given the opportunity to do a collage using bit of colourful materials such as paper, match sticks etc. They had lots of fun creating their own master pieces! The children also enjoyed using their fine motor skills to create with the Lego. Pulling some of the pieces apart is quite tricky but with a bit of encouragement and persistence they did it. The children loved role playing families in the home corner today. Cooking up a feast! Mr Gina played some nice Disney themed song for us to listen to while we played nicely with our friends at the activities.

Before lunch we had Yoga with Miss Gabby who taught us some brand-new poses that we haven’t learnt before. Our favourite part of yoga is getting the scented eye weights and practicing some meditation.

Hope you all have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr Ginner