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Happy “Fantastic Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Fantastic Fun Friday. As we awaited for our peers to arrive, we began our morning indoors due to the extreme cold weather. During this time we had combined with Senior Kindy and Pre-Kindy to complete puzzles and utilise the race car mat. Just as the weather was warming up and the remainder of our peers had arrived, we moved our play from the indoors to the outdoors. During outdoor play, we found interests in riding the scooters around with Miss Aaliyah. Sitting on the grass hill with Miss Beck and building sand-castles with Miss Gin. Just as morning tea arrived, we made our way into the classroom and begun our daily morning group-time. Today we welcomed Luca, Hudson, Aria, Orion, Parker,  Toby, Hunter, Poppy, Zahra, Zilo and Kezia. We welcomed back our new toddler friends: Lincoln and Isabelle. For today we said our good mornings to Miss Beck, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Gin.

As a follow-up from yesterday’s experience, we continued utilising the blue water tub filled with foam to play with sea animals. Considering, this activity was quite popular, the children requested to utilise it once again. Together, the children sat down with Miss Aaliyah as they placed on their art smocks, lifted their arm sleeves and began adding in buckets of water, dish washing liquid and splashes of blue colour dye. All of these resources created a wonderful ocean blue colour, for our children to put the sea animals in. Throughout this experience the children were able to pour water into the tub with the assistance of Miss Aaliyah whilst others had a turn at placing in cap fulls of blue colour dye. During this experience Miss Aaliyah continuously asked open-ended questions to further stimulate curiosity within our children on what they were learning and to further work on their language skills. Miss Aaliyah asked questions like “Why should we make sure our ocean water is blue?” Parker responded with: “So that we don’t keep rubbish in there”. Another question that was asked was “How do you think the animals swim? What do they use to swim in the water?”. Kezia and Aria added on by stating “They use their tails” and “They use their swimming fins”. Ocean week was definitely one of Senior Kindy’s most popular yet engaging topic and we look forward to continuing on learning more about it. Just as we completed our Ocean Foam experience, we welcomed back our dance teacher Miss Jeni to participate in a series of Dance sequences and songs. In honour of Ocean Week this week, we danced and sung “Under the sea” followed by “Row, Row, Row your boat” and “Shake, drop roll”. This was such an amazing activity as it allowed our children to socialise amongst one another and work together as a group to follow instructions and steps.

This afternoon once our children awake from their slumber and pack away their beddings and bags for the weekend, we will prepare ourselves for a massive birthday party surprise for our dear friend Toby, who turned 3 on Wednesday. Toby’s family had brought in such wonderful cupcakes for Toby and his peers. Together, we will sing Toby a “Happy Hip Birthday” and celebrate with such delicious treats and goodies. Thank you to Toby’s parents and a Happy Birthday to Toby! Overall, we hope you all have had a wonderful Friday and we look forward to seeing you next time. Enjoy your weekend, we will see you next week.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Beck, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Gin xx