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Happy Friday families and friends…

Today the Senior Kindy children started their day exploring the outdoor environment. Millie, Latika and Harper engaged in role play with the dinosaur figurines as they pretended the dinosaurs were climbing a mountain and eating leaves in trees. Millie said she ‘liked the dinosaur with the purple spikes on it’s back’. Alek and Latika practiced their balancing skills on the obstacle course as they both raised their arms up and carefully walked along the wooden and jumping planks. Christopher, Harper, Alek and Millie waited patiently for a turn of face painting with Miss TJ. Millie and Alek chose to have a star painted on their cheek while Christopher chose a green dinosaur. Harper requested a spider to be painted on her arm that she later labelled an ‘incy wincy spider’.

Indoors the children were excited to engage in role play in home corner, baking cupcakes and having a picnic at the table. Alek collected the ‘mini beasts’ collection from the shelf and Harper gathered the magnifying glasses and the children kept busy studying the beetles and bugs, identifying the colours of the bugs and how many legs each bug had. The children were then given the opportunity to continue on practicing their fine motor-hand/eye coordination skills via a gluing and collaging¬† experience. Bjorn was very excited to have a turn first as he called out ‘me, me’ as he raced to the table. Miss Shanaya demonstrated how to spread the glue on the collage materials and then firmly press the pieces down on their paper. All the children confidently had a turn and created beautiful collage masterpieces which we are going to display on our ‘art gallery’ wall.

Yarn time today we shared one of our favourite books entitled ‘Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea’. A story about a little boy who uses his imagination to go on an adventure in his bath tub and discovers all sorts of sea creatures and golden treasure. Harper then requested follow-the leader as she confidently lead the children marching and stomping around the classroom…What a super fun day in the Senior Kindy room today…

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Shanaya