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What an awesome Christmas party we had yesterday. It was so great to see all of our Senior Kindy families and the children involving themselves in the activities, the Christmas show and being so brave meeting Santa!

There has been many amazing moments today in Senior Kindy. When I arrived to Riversdale, I found Ellie and Zahra pouring the water trough water over their bodies. I said to them that they can get into the water trough if they would like. Ellie did not hesitate, and jumped straight into the trough. Before we knew it, we had Milly, Zahra and Kaylee all sitting in the tub. Miss Donna started to sing “Splish splash i was taking a bath” while the group splashed around in the water. They started to play a game where they would wash themselves in the bath and then jump out, running around on the grass to dry. Then hopping in again! It was such a fun experience for Senior Kindy, smiling, giggling and having a ball together. We grabbed some towel and dried off before changing into some fresh clothes.

This morning we decided to have our morning tea up in the fort. As we sat down and started to eat, it began to pour with rain! It was so nice listening and watching the rain as it hit the windows on the roof of the fort. The children started to sing “Rain rain go away”. Miss TJ told the children that it is really good that it is raining as all of the land is really dry which is causing fires. Milly said “Yeah and the bush fires are going on the Koalas”. Ellie said “The fire’s are burning the koala.I saw on my TV”. The group starting having a discussion on Koalas and the bush fires. They then started to sing “Rain rain come back again” which was very creative.

Back inside, after waiting for the rain to stop so we could get into our class room, the children chose some activities for the day. They chose Christmas craft (Left over from our Christmas party), play dough with the Christmas cookie cutters, painting on the easel and playing with a whole bunch of cars that were brought in by Jaxon. The children loved the cars and trucks so much, Thank you Jaxon and family for your donation.

We had a fun dance lesson today, dressing up in tu tu’s and vests to get into the Christmas spirit. We danced along to some Christmas tunes and played the maracas.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

p.s. I am really going to miss this amazing group of children who are going up to Pre-Kindy room next year!

Miss TJ