Happy Friday 😊

It has been a lovely Friday in Senior Kindy with only a small group. Hendrix, Ayla, Zachary and Millicent. We were also joined by a new friend, Latika later in the day as she has been transitioning into our room this week from the toddler’s room. The wonderful warm sun was out again this morning, providing us with some time to make use of the outdoors.  The children all welcomed each other to kindy and followed each other around the yard enjoying the experiences. We came inside to wash our hands for morning tea and then decided to head back outside grabbing a Dinosaur to play with. Senior Kindy went on an adventure together to the garden, playing together with our dinosaurs. The children were using their imagination while exploring the garden saying they were walking through a “Forest”.  The children were using their imagination to tell stories with their dinosaurs and role-played conversations with each other. Ayla spotted a caterpillar on one of the thyme leaves and said “Caterpillar! That’s the one this morning. Eating leaves” as she referred to our finding yesterday of the leaves been eaten by caterpillars. Children’s voices during our Dinosaur adventure:

Zachary- “Stomp, stomp. In the forest. Rahhhh!”

Hendrix- “There’s 1, 2,3 rocks. Mumma! I got you mum. Rahhh!”

Millicent- “Dinosaurs crying. Mum! Stomp Stomp”

Ayla- “My Dinosaurs in the forest. Look Miss TJ!”

We then made our way over to the large tree by the fence where the group were using their Dinosaur to climb the tree and were finding homes for their dinosaurs. The children also balanced their way across the rocks walking back and forth behind each other.

It was then time for FUNKY FEET. We practiced our end of the year dance which we have been practicing over the past few weeks, learning new dance moves again today. The children loved using the poms poms to dance with along to a disco song and then using them to get up and do a solo.

Once inside Millicent asked if she could do a painting so we set up some paint and paper on the easel. Zachary, Hendrix and Ayla couldn’t get enough of the Dinosaur play, continuing the play on the mat using grass mats, grass blocks and the inside tree to play around.

For group time we read ‘The gingerbread man’ which was chosen by Hendrix.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss TJ x