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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Friday! We have had a fun-filled week full of new experiences as some of our friends from the Toddler 1 room made the transition to join Senior Kindy 🙂

As we all practiced routine throughout the day, getting everyone comfortable and used to the new changes, we all sat together for our morning group time. We sang our favorite songs, said our Acknowledgement to Country and welcomed one another with our Good Morning songs. 

As we washed our hands for morning tea, we got our water bottles and found ourselves a seat getting ready for some fresh food and water!

Soon after, we got to enjoy some inside free play to explore all that our room has to offer. Their was also some painting and Lego building set up to enjoy! We love engaging within the classroom activities/environment.

We then got use our self-help skills to pack away all of our toys, ready for our Funky Feet dance lesson! Today’s class was a blast as we used all of our energy to shake, dance, laugh, clap and stretch! We loved your enthusiasm and excitement today Senior Kindy!

Before preparing for some lunch and rest time, we sat on the mat for our afternoon group time with Miss Leesa. She read us a happy book then showed us some stories and songs with her puppets.

As lunch arrived we washed our hands and began to get into our afternoon routine of sitting at the table, getting our food, cleaning up and getting our beds.

Thank you Senior Kindy for this week and we hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!

See you all in the new week 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Simona