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It Has been a lovely Friday to finish off the week. Just a class of two children today as some of our friends haven’t been too well. Hopefully everyone feels much better so we can see them next week. Zahra and Kaylee both ran to Miss TJ as she arrived at kindy. We then headed to the sandpit where Zahra and Kaylee wanted to hold onto the monkey bars. They used all their strength to hold onto the pole and giggled until they let go, landing softly in the sand.

For group time we sang our ‘Hello’ song and then Kaylee asked if we could read the new favourite story, ‘The very crank bear’. While looking at the picture of the cranky bear both Kaylee and Zahra were pulling cranky faces just like the bear. When Miss TJ did a crank face, they both laughed!

At activity time Zahra ran straight over to the home corner, grabbing the doctors kit and a baby doll. Zahra was a doctor caring for the baby. She said “She’s not feeling well” as she used the stethoscope on the baby’s chest. “She doesn’t like going to the doctor”.

Kaylee was excited to play with the play dough at the table. We added small bugs and scissors. Miss Steph came in for a play. Kaylee and Steph played a game of hiding the bugs in the dough and then the other person had to find them. Kaylee said “I find them. A froggy, ribbit…ribbit! Do it again!”. Kaylee also noticed the stamp shape it left in the dough when she pushed a bug into the play dough. She said, “Look a spider”.

Zahra and TJ tried out our new threading activity on the mat. We went through and named the colours of each bead that we chose. Zahra said, “I want to make mine taller”. Zahra kept on adding g more beads onto the lace, practicing her fine motor skills.

Zahra and Kaylee also had fun with our new dress ups, Kaylee was Anna from frozen and Zahra was a Princess.

It was then time for our dance class with Miss Jenni. We joined in with the Pre Kindy and had a blast dancing around with each other, using the props and doing the Hokey Pokey.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ