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Valentines Day <3

After all the amazing rain we finally got to have a play outside, soaking in the warm sun. We listened to a LOVE inspired playlist while exploring the yard and getting Valentine’s themed face paint. Ayla, Zachary and Millicent grabbed some crayons and were using the three- sided easel to draw on. Coming inside, we sat on the mat in a big circle and played with a parachute. We placed some bean bags on top and made small and big waves by holding onto the handles of the parachute and moving our arms up and down. We also played a peek a boo game where we lifted the parachute and said hello to each other. Miss TJ asked the children what they would like to do today… Millie said she wanted to play in “Home corner”, Ayla asked to do some “Drawing” and Zachary suggested “The Octonauts”.  The group also agreed that we should get the play dough out again.

Before we started our chosen activities, we went to our dancing class with the Pre- Kindy children and Miss Jen. Miss Jen taught us a new dance to do with a partner where they had to hold hands, twirl around and clap hands together. We also practiced the ‘Happy’ dance which we have been doing over the last few weeks. The children are starting to familiarize themselves with the actions. Millie enjoyed observing the class for a little while before joining in with Zachary and Ayla. Back into our classroom the children explored our activities. Millicent was drawing over at the easel using coloured pens when she said, “That’s my mummy and Millie’s name”. Zachary and Ayla were getting creative with the play dough. Zachary said, “I’ve got snakes”. Ayla said “Look at my pancake”.  The children took turns at having a photo on the big chair while holding a LOVE heart. They were giving Miss TJ their biggest smiles and aren’t they just the cutest <3

Have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ xx