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Happy Friday!

It has been a beautiful day here at kindy. Ellie, Zahra and Harley welcome our new friend Kaylee to the Senior Kindy room. This morning we had a lovely play outside together. Ellie and Zahra were of course on their favourite swing enjoying the ride, Harley was racing around on the bike practicing to focus on his feet movements and to turn the bike. Kaylee was enjoying the water pump in the garden and feeling the nice cool water between her fingers. After morning tea we had our Funky Feet lesson with Miss Jeni. Zahra and Ellie were super confident this time to join in on the actions and games. Kaylee loved galloping around the space and observing the children with Harley. Once the props came out everyone joined in shaking the maracas and pom poms!

Continuing with SCIENCE WEEK and extending on from Kaylee’s enjoyment with the water this morning we did a FLOAT and SINK experiment. Miss TJ placed a rock, feather, shell, wood chip and pinecone on the table with a bowl of water. We asked the children if they thought the item would sink to the bottom of the bowl or float on top of the water. It was great to hear their predictions and see their faces get excited with the outcome. We wrote down on a chart all the children’s predictions for the families to look at. After our experience Ellie and Zahra were playing teachers, Ellie said “Okay now Zahra, is this going to sink or float?”.

The class also explored around our room building with sensory blocks, matching the small, medium and large puzzle pieces (An extension on from our fairy tale describing words) and doing free drawing using our coloured pens.

Before rest time Miss TJ put ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story on the computer for the children to watch to calm our bodies down before a rest. They loved listening to the story of how the caterpillar became a butterfly.

This afternoon we will be doing face painting as another exciting experience for FUN FRIDAY!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We can’t wait to see you again next week for BOOK WEEK. (please bring in a favourite book from home and you are invited to dress up as your favourite book character if you would like)

Miss TJ