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Happy Friday!

This morning we welcomed our friends who spent their morning in the yard exploring and engaging in water play. The children got to play with blue and clear water while adding aspects including shaving cream and glitter. They then added boats and sticks, experimenting with the sink and float method. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed in for group time and morning tea.

Group time today had the children on the mat reading a new book that Miss Bec bought, called 10 little superheroes. The book was about superheroes who one by one, ended up leaving which helped us practice our counting backwards from 10. We then transitioned to the tables using bee bee bumble bee.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat where Parker requested Miss Bec read the other book she brought. This was called 10 little robots. The book was the same concept however with robots. We then transitioned to the tables where Miss Tayla helped us with a chalk painting activity. This involved the children using paddle pop sticks to scrape the chalk sticks into a bowl of water. They then dipped their piece of paper into the water, which came out as a chalk/speckled effect. It looked so pretty! We then moved onto our next activity where we practiced our shape matching. The children had paper with shapes that had been traced. We then had different toys in those shapes, where the children had to match them up. They did so well at this! Another activity today saw us practicing our counting. We had numbers written on paper, and asked the children to put as many counters as the number. For example, 1 counter on number 1 and 2 counters on number 2. We did well at this, however will keep persisting, as we are still learning and thats okay!

We had our funky feet dance today too with Miss Jenni.

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah x