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Hip Hip Hooray it’s Friday!

Welcome back Milly! Today we had such an amazing day filled with new experiences and lots of special moments. With a class of only three friends, we enjoyed each others company and made the most of the wet weather. This morning the group enjoyed a play inside the room exploring the home corner, drawing pictures with the crayons and sorting the cars into colours.

After a delicious jelly, yogurt and fruit morning tea watching the rain fall outside, Miss TJ had a surprise with Ayla, Zachary and Milly. We were going on an adventure to the Junior building’s playground. The group were very excited with smiles on their faces and ready to head up. We had a group discussion first on using walking feet, holding hands and watching out for any cars. We waited for the rain to stop a bit and then they all did an awesome job at walking very nicely together through the car park and up to the top building. “Wow” the children said as we walked out into the yard. The yard had a big climbing tree house with bridges, ramps, slides and a net to walk through. There is also a massive sandpit under the tree house and a big bikes track around. The group made their way onto the ramp which lead us through the climbing net. Zachary said “It’s like a spider web”. Ayla then began to sing ‘Insy winsy spider’ while they all made it through the first obstacle. It was then time to walk through the wobbly bridge and then into the tree house which had a big slide into the sandpit. Miss TJ used a towel to dry off the slide and then Zachary and Ayla went sliding down while Milly wanted to go back through the course.

It then began to drizzle with rain so we climbed under the tree house and played in the soft sand while watching the rain drops. Zachary was having so much fun filling his wheelbarrow and then tipping it out at the wet sand. Milly found a sand wheel and enjoyed filling it up with sand and watching as it poured out the bottom, turning the wheel. Ayla used a sandpit pan to catch some water droplets in and then pour into Zachary’s wheelbarrow.

We had a little play in the rain, enjoying the feeling over the water on our bodies before packing away and making our safe trip back to the classroom. Zachary brought in two books to share with the class today. ‘The Wrong Book’ and ‘The very Super bear’ which were lovely book, thank you Zachary!

What an amazing day to finish off the week. Hope you all have a great weekend 😊

Miss TJ