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Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Friday!

It was a lovely group of girls today in the Senior Kindy room. Our outside morning play was lots of fun. We made sure the children had their sunblock applied and then they explored around the yard, enjoying the set up. We had painting on cardboard boxes, cooking with the pots and pans over at the fire pit area and the group played a game of ice cream shop in the cubby house. Zahra handed out ice cream to her friends who paid her with leaves as money.

At morning tea time our friend Milly asked if we could play the ‘Baby Shark song doo doo’. Mia also started to sing the fairies song that we learnt the other week called ‘Jump jump star!’. After we finished our delicious jelly and yogurt snack we made our way to the mat to dance along to the chosen songs.

It was then time for more dancing fun at our Funky Feet lesson with Miss Jenni. We practiced our hopscotch and then danced along to a few songs, copying Miss Jenni and practicing our gallops, marching, hopping and turns. We also had a chance to dance with maracas and pom poms.

Back inside we played an animal colour sorting activity, matched shapes on a picture mat using the correct shape pieces and using the chopping, rolling and shape cutters tools at the play dough table.

Before lunch we listened to a story called ‘Caterpillar Crawls’ which was about a caterpillar who gave away all of his shoes to his insect friends before transforming into a butterfly.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Miss TJ