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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Rania, Luca, Parker, Goku, Archie, Ella, Kennedy, Hunter, Grace, Lilly, Zahra and Zilo into the room. Due to the weather, we spent the morning indoors. We spent time, brushing teeth using toothbrushes. The children identified the “dirty teeth” as the ones that had whiteboard marker on them and used the brush to scrub it off. This activity was definitely a hit, and the children kept asking for more. We then played with a shell collection that Miss Nads collected from the beach. How cool! Once all of our friends had arrived, we sat down for a group time where Miss Deb did a finger puppet show for us. The children were intrigued with “what animal am I”. We then read a book about teeth brushing, to continue from yesterday’s tooth fairy show. We then sang bee bee bumble bee before sitting down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we had a little issue with a leak in our room, so the children split in two, half stayed with Miss Deb in Pre Kindergarten, and the other half came up to the top building into the babies room with Miss children enjoyed the different environments, and even had a big play in their old Toddler yard.

It was an eventful day, but we survived!
a reminder, to please arrive before 9:30am as this is when we have morning tea and start our day.

Happy Friday, have a good weekend

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx