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Hello Senior Kindy,

Today we welcomed Luca, Grace, Parker, Hunter, Kezia, Hunter, Goku, Zilo, Zahra, Lilly, Ella and Rumi into the yard. We started the morning with our Pre-Kindy friends, shooting basketball hoops, balancing on the obstacle course. We also had fun riding the bikes around the bike track and swingin on the swing. The children are forming relationships with the Pre-Kindy children which is really amazing to see! We then lined up at the door and headed inside to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

For morning tea today, the children extended on their self help skills. They used their own tongs to dish out their own plates. We have a routine where the educator will call the child up one at a time to get their meal. The children did really well with the tongs, and we even find that they eat more when they are able to self serve.

After morning tea, Miss Emma came in to lead our group time, she sang us many songs which we really enjoyed. The children were able to hear and sing to songs that Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah might not fully know. Thanks Miss Emma!! We then transitioned to the tables where we chose our activity. Today we had a playdough table, where we rolled, manipulated and made different shapes. On another table, we had painting where we used stamps to dip into the paint and put onto the paper. We also played with the “mystery box” where Miss Bec would put an object in the box, a child would put their hand in and feel the object, trying to guess what the object is. We introduced words including “hard, soft, smooth, rough, square, not square”. The children did so well! Today we also got a new wooden home corner set. The children all sat around the table and had a tea party. They used utensils such as a tea pot, chop sticks, knives and forks, plates, teacups and bowls. They had conversations amongst themselves which was amazing to see. Conversations including “Can you please pass me the tea pot, can I please have some tea.” Manners are amazing too!! Miss Jenni then came in and led us in our dance lesson for the week. We have missed her the past two weeks. The children really enjoy shaking, dancing, stretching and running around. It was then time for us to go outside for a run around. The children helped Miss Bec with the hose, as we cooled down the surfaces of the yard.

What a blast! Have  a good weekend,

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx