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Happy Friday Friends!

5  more sleeps until Christmas!

A lovely morning it was swinging together on the big swing and singing a long to ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’. During our morning group time the children were having conversations on Santa and Christmas. Miss TJ then read ‘An Aussie, Night Before Christmas’ which was a great and funny version of the original ‘The night before Christmas’ which we read yesterday. The Aussie version had kangaroos instead of reindeers, a ute instead of a sleigh and Santa wore shorts and shoe thongs instead. Ellie pointed out Santa big white beard. Zahra said “It’s so big that he can’t talk”. Milly then said “Santa goes Ho Ho!”. Extending on Santa beard discussion, we made our very own Santa beards at the craft table using paper, ribbon and glue. The children and TJ worked collaboratively to cut, fold and glue the beards. It was the children’s job to roll the strips of paper to give the beards a curly effect. They used a pen to help roll the paper. It was a fun challenge and skill for them to learn and it was great fine motor practice. When they were done we tried them on, showing them off to the class and checking them out in the mirror. We all had a giggle!

Today we added glitter and confetti onto the play dough table, along with the cookie cutters and tools. The group were pitching glitter with their fingers tips and decorating their play dough. The other popular activities today were cars on the car mat, shopping and caring for the babies in home corner and bopping around the the Christmas tunes.

This afternoon Kaylee is very excited to share her cupcakes that were made by her sister. The children have been so caring and kind to one other so i told them that we could do some face painting too. Wishing Milly and Zachary a very happy Christmas and new year as today is their last day for the year. Miss TJ expects lots of hugs this afternoon!

Miss TJ