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Hip Hip Hooray it’s FRIDAY! 😊

What a beautiful day it was for Senior Kindy. The weather was perfect for some more outdoor adventures to breathe in the fresh air. For morning tea, we joined with the Kindergarten classroom on the veranda. While sitting at the tables Christopher and Ayla both said they wanted to play in the sandpit today. After our delicious meal we made sure we had our hats and worked really hard to rub in our sunscreen all by ourselves. Yesterday we played a ‘Find and name bug game’ with the children using magnifying glasses. Today the children wanted to use the magnifying glasses again, so we grabbed them and walked over to the garden to investigate. Miss TJ hid a handful of insects/bugs in the garden and bushes while the children took turns using the magnifying glasses to search and find them. One person held the basket to collect all the insects that we found. “Look Miss TJ I found one” they all said, very excited and proud of themselves when they spotted one. We had a go at naming some of the insects that we found like grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles and dragonflies.  The group slowly made their way over to the rocks playing with the water pump piece using it as a slide for the insects. Miss TJ grabbed the hose and ran water down the “Slide”. We watched as the water ran down the slide and then trailing through the rocks. It was a lovely time dipping our feet into the cool water and washing the insects.

Miss Donna’s children were outside too doing a few activities. Senior Kindy made their way over to say hello enjoying their builders experience, using hammers and all sorts of tools to build the cubby house. We even tried on their special protection goggles.

We did not forget Ayla and Christopher’s suggestion to play in the sand pit. We made our way under the shade of the tree house to bake strawberry and chocolate cakes for Miss TJ and swinging on the swings.

Once inside to calm our bodies before rest time we listened to and watched a short clip on insects! We learnt that butterflies have 6 legs and 4 wings. They also have a long straw to drink up all the nectar. Christopher said, “Aww it’s so beautiful”. Butterflies are beautiful just like the Senior Kindy children.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend 😊

Miss TJ x