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Happy Friday!

This morning we had an extended play outside as the children were having so much fun exploring the environment. Mia spotted some Tomatoes that are growing quite big. We discussed how we need to wait for the Tomatoes to change colour before we can pick them off to eat. Half way through our play we stopped to have a bite to eat at the picnic table. Zander and Asher spotted a new boat equipment in the sand pit, everyone ran over to join the boys. Zander started to sing “Row, row, row your boat” so Miss TJ went and found some spades to use as oars. We continued to sing Row Row and the children role played that they were paddling away from crocodiles that were in the water (the sandpit). While paddling through the sand Asher notice that he was starting to dig in the sand and said “I’m making a hole in the sand”. Zahra used the steering while her friends paddles. Mia was using to oars to paddle in the back seat. Children’s voice during boat play:

Zahra: We’re going to Movie world

Mia- We’re stuck. If you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream! Ahhh! Hold on

Asher- I scared the crocodile away

Zander- They’re taking me to sydney. You can come too!

What an amazing experience with the children exploring their imagination and interecting with each other positively.

It was then time for our Dance class with Miss Jeni. When we said it was dancing time Mia said “Yay!” and ran up to the outside classroom. The class was so much fun practicing playing the maracas to the beat and showing off our best dance moves during freestyles.

The children were then ready to come inside and enjoy some table activities. We had our green play dough out again with the dinosaurs this time. The children were dressing up the dinosaurs in play dough clothes and experimented with printing their feet into the dough. The children have also really been enjoying the puzzles lately. Today we added two new puzzles which they used their problem solving skills and team work skills to complete. Outside on the veranda we set up the art easel, all the paint colours with thin brushes for the children to do paintings. Asher said he painted “Daddy’s head”, Zander said “it’s raining on everyone” on his painting. Zahra said she painted “Stripes” and Mia said she painted “with black”.

Hope you all had a lovely week and that you enjoy your weekend. This Monday is ‘Dress like a Fairy’ day so we encourage your child to dress up if they would like. We will be doing a cooik