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Happy Friday!

We jumped into Friday today, jumping off the obstacle plank onto the mats outside. “Look at me” said Zachary as his continued to jump off the plank. Millicent was a bit nervous to climb up at the start but Miss TJ and her friends used words of encouragement which helped Millicent. She then practiced her balancing skills,  being very brave climbing up and then jumping off. Great job Millicent! Ayla was also practicing her balancing skills crawling along the log steps. Connor has really been enjoying wearing the fire fighter hat around the yard. He was playing croquet with his friend Zachary. Millicent was also observing a silk worm that the kindergarten friends found and placed in a container with leaves to observe together.

Once inside we had some relaxing time in reading corner to calm our bodies down from our big play outside in the warm weather. The children were reading so nicely, especially enjoying our new corner couch with the foot rest. We then sang ‘People all around the world’ and ‘Skinner Marinky’ which was suggested by Ayla. Miss TJ then asked the children what they would like to do today. Zachary and Connor asked if we could play with the CARS. Ayla suggest the LEGO and Millicent asked for PLAY DOUGH. Our friend Hendrix arrive just as we started to play which the group were so excited to see their friend.

The children helped us bring out their chosen activities. We added rolling pins and cookie cutters to our play dough and wooden planks as ramps for our car play. The group were racing the cars and trucks down the ramp playing game with one another and role playing characters. It was so nice to sit back and listen/watch their positive interactions. Senior Kindy wanted to play with our fine motor game we played yesterday where the children used pegs to hang cut out clothing on the wool line. They had their concentration hats on while carefully place the peg and clothing on the line.

Half way through our activity time we went over to the After school care room to do our dance class with Miss Jeni. We were all very impressed with the children involving themselves in each dance and task. Ayla and Zachary even got up for solos! We continued to learn the Flintstones Dance which we started last week and dance along to the Happy Dance. What a fun lesson we had.

We headed back to our classroom to enjoy exploring the activities and other experiences around the room.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week for some more fun with our friends!

Miss TJ x