Happy Friday everyone!

Today we welcomed a new friend into the Senior Kindy room, Mia! Mia was very excited to meet her new friends and especially loved the outdoor area. This morning there was a lot of fun experiences for the children to explore. Kaylee, Ellie and Mia enjoyed free painting on the easels with lots of paint colours to chose from. Asher and Zander loved the small trucks in the sand/rice tray and playing with Ellie on the bikes. Kaylee and Mia were enjoying the sand pit. Mia was cooking up a storm with some kitchen tools and Kaylee had fun pushing the truck around in the sand.The children were also very excited to see the big swing back. They paid Miss Donna with two leaves to get a ride on the swing.

Coming inside for group time we introduce Mia to the class. Mia told us her name and the children all waved and said “Hi Mia”. We sang “10 little inidians”, “Skinner Malinky” and Kaylee’s request “”Twinkle Twinkle”. Zahra and Ellie were both eager to share there book today. Zahra was dressed as Elsa and brought in a Olaf story to share with the children. Ellie brought in a Colours book and called it “Hoopler Doopley book”. BOOK WEEK has been so much fun dressing up and sharing stories! Our friend Ellie also dressed up in Yellow today for Daffodil Day. Ellie was very proud of her yellow shirts and accessories she said “I’m Daffodil today”. As a group Miss TJ discussed with the children what Daffodil day was all about. We spoke about how we can raise money for the foundation , wear yellow or the daffodil flower in support to help the people who are not very well.

At activity time we had Daffodil flower cut outs for the children to paint Yellow. The children all wanted a go after our discussion and all agreed that we should  hang up our flowers in the room to support the foundation. Asher finished painting all of his flower and was very proud of his accomplishment saying “I did it!”. Yesterday afternoon Kaylee asked if we could have play dough and so we promised we would have some today. We made some yellow play dough for Daffodil day, rolling pins and small cups. Zahra was using her hand to make a hand print in the dough. Ellie was filling up her cup with the dough “making a daffodil flower”. Harley was using the pins to roll our the dough saying “This is a shark”. Kaylee was using the cup as a cookie cutter making circles with the dough. Mia loved the play dough table and said “I’m doing a watermelon” while she filled up her cup with yellow dough.

The Senior Kindy also enjoyed playing with the toy vehicles and road signs on the car mat. Zander was using the crane to pick up the signs with the hook and take them to the playground saying “Want me to get you, here you go at the playground. There’s so much traffic going on over here”. Asher and Harley joined in on Zanders fun on the car mat. Zahra, Mia and Kaylee enjoyed playing in the home corner.

Today for Funky Feet dancing with Miss Jeni we had just our class go first this time. It was so great having the smaller class as there was a lot more room to dance and it was so great to see the children come out of their shell more. Harley absolutely blew us away joining in on every activity and smiling through-out the lesson since it has been a little bit overwhelming sometimes with the bigger classes in the past. We had a nice stretch and warm up before showing off our moves individually on the stage mat.

We had a delicious sushi lunch and then a nice relaxing rest time.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ