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Yay for Friday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Archie, Isabelle, Zilo, Kezia, Aria, Toby, Orion, Zahra, Luca, Lincoln, Hunter, Parker, Poppy and Rumi. Our friends spent their morning up in the side slide yard, due to some maintenance being done in the main yard. The different environment had the children so excited and energetic. They enjoyed running up the steps to the top of the slides and sliding down. They also enjoyed the grass area where they crawled through the tunnels and balanced on the obstacle courses.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat and talked about what we wanted to do on the weekend. We also spoke about what new toys that we wanted in the room. Miss Bec told the children that she would be going shopping on the weekend for new toys. Having the children pick the toys help them form new interests and keeps them motivated and happy to come to kindy! We then transitioned to the tables for activity time.

For activities today, we had free painting where the children were free to paint their own thoughts. They used the colours pink and green. Poppy painted a unicorn, Kezia painted her family. On another table, we had peg boards. This helps the children with fine motor skills as they use their coordination to put the peg in the hole. They then use their cognitive and creative skills to make different pictures. The children engaged in free play for a little while as well. We like to do free play on a Friday to observe each child’s interest, as they are continuously changing. This helps us plan activities for the next week.

Miss Jenni came in for dance today, which the children absolutely love!

Unfortunately Miss Tayla has made the decision to leave us and start a new journey. Today is her last day. We thank you for everything and will miss you! Next week we will be joined by Miss Alicia. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Liyah and Tayla x