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Hello families,

Happy Friday! We hope you have all have had a wonderful day and week 🙂

As we started our day exploring amongst our outdoor yard, we all voluntarily had a little yoga session with Miss Dom while listening to her relaxing flute 🙂

Once we transitioned inside, we sat for our morning yarn time with Miss Tatyana. After singing our morning songs ‘Acknowledgment to Country’, “Hello how are you?” and “We are Terrific”, we engaged in a story today called ‘WATER-WISE’. The book enhanced the meaning of ways to be water wise and how we can save water, while also teaching us how other countries lifestyles are and their access to clean water. This was a great story which reflected on our topic of sustainable living! It was also so amazing to see the children feel empathy for the people in the book who did not have access to clean water like we do.

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea, we all got to be involved in a new game we made from boxes and containers from our recycling corner. We set up a little station with 4 different sized boxes/containers with points on each one. The aim of the game was for us to take turns in standing behind the line, throw the ball and try to aim for one of the holes. The smaller the hole, the more points we got! This was such a fun and exciting way for us to recycle as well as develop our throwing, concentration and aiming skills! We had lots of fun being apart of this positive new experience and have loved learning all about RECYCLING this week!

While we got to play with our friends and our favorite toys inside the room, Miss Dom brought in some of her unique instruments for those who wanted to enjoy. Some of us loved playing her ukulele and others were on the drums and tambourines; we even pretended we had a little band going 🙂 Thank you Miss Dom!

Before our lunch and rest time, all of our rooms came together and sat outside our classroom for a special surprise for Miss Kate. Today was a bitter-sweet day as we wished Miss Kate all the best on her future endeavors as it was her last day being apart of the Riversdale team 🙁

Senior Kindy would personally like to thank Miss Kate for all of her hard work and help in our room this week and it was such a pleasure being able to give her lots of cuddles and say our farewells. We will miss you Miss Kate and please come back and visit us soon! Good luck and we love you!

Thank you friends for such an awesome week!

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend with your families! See you all next week 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Kate