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Happy Friday!

We had a beautiful day in Senior kindy to finish off our first week in our new room. I am so proud of the children settling into the room so well and being such great helpers in the room. Today we spent the day inside as there was a lot of smoke around the area. That didn’t stop this sweet little group of four from having lots of fun!

This morning we joined two tables together to play with the felt stories. Harley said he was “making a beach” as he placed the water felt picture down. The children ate up all of there yummy morning tea before heading over to the home corner to find that there were baby clothes and nappies to put on our baby dolls. I can see that the children absolutely love home corner as they can dress up and role play stories. Today they were playing doctors with the babies.

Asher said “Öh no the babies are sick” so he ran over and grabbed the baby some clothes.

Ellie replied to Asher saying “He’s okay just a little bit sore” as she took the band aid off the baby.

Zander was playing with his baby when he said “Babies done poo, poo” “I’m putting the band aid on the baby, it’s sticky”

Harley was dressing his baby in a fresh nappy and clothes and said “My baby is going to bed in the box” as he placed the baby into the basket with a cushion.

Today we had Dancing with the big kids. It was very exciting walking over to the afterschool care room and participating with the dance teacher. At first Ellie, Asher and Harley were standing back just observing the class while Zander was right in there dancing around and warming up. After a while Ellie and Harley came up and did a few dance games. Then it was time for roly poly time where all the children got involved including Asher who was very smiley coming up to give it a go.

We then came back into the room to explore with playdough and the tools, home corner and a construction activity where the children had to match the shapes to screw them together.

Our group time before lunch was very exciting. Miss TJ told us the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff” but instead of goats we used dinosaur figurines so it was called “The Three Billy Dinosaurs gruff”. We used a T-rex as the mean, grump troll and a block as the bridge. All four of the children were so engaged with the story, giggling at Miss TJ’s deep and higher voices for each character.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss TJ