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Happy Friday!

Today we welcome Christopher into Senior Kindy. Hendrix, Ayla, Zachary and Millicent all made Christopher feel welcome, playing with him and showing him where everything is.Christopher was very brave and confident to explore and play with his new friends.

Hendrix, Millicent and Zachary worked together on a puzzle on the outside table. Ayla and Millicent practiced their balancing skills climbing over the obstacle course. Christopher found a tortoise and was driving it around on the bike. As it was such a beautiful and sunny morning we decided to have our morning tea outside over by the garden seats. It was a nice shaded spot for the children to drink up lots of water and have some food to give us more energy.

We came inside to sit on the mat, where Christopher introduced himself in front of his peers. The children all told Christopher their names and he replied saying “hello”. Ayla asked if we could then sing ‘Skinner Marinky’. Senior Kindy really enjoy learning new songs and singing along, its great! As we have been practicing our counting over the past week, Miss TJ thought we could extend on our numeracy practice by reading a counting book. We borrowed the book called, ‘Spot a lot- Animal Escape’ from the office library. Please check out the library as you can borrow books to take home. The book was about the animals at the zoo had escaped and we needed to find them. The children helped find and count the animals all the way up to 10. What a lovely book it was with amazing illustrations.

Our friend Christopher let us know that he LOVES animals. We extended on his interest today by setting up a large table full of farm animals, natural items (leaves, sticks, shells) and the barn. The children all ran over to the table role playing stories, using different voices for each animal and the sounds the animals made. Children’s voice during animal play:

Ayla- Naaayy! Giddyup horsey. Horsey come on.

Christopher- (singing) Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Zachary- Mooo Mooo!

Millicent- Daddy, I’m right here. Please help me. (Millie was playing with the lamb and sheep, pretending the lamb couldn’t get over the fence to the sheep)

The children all joined in on Christopher’s singing. Then we played ‘Old Mac Donald’ over the speakers while the children continued to sing and play.

Hendrix wanted to do some pen drawing on the big easel. He told Miss TJ that he was drawing “Mummy and Nanny”

Miss TJ also had the chance to sit with a couple of the friends one on one to do a Learning Game together. Slowly Miss TJ introduced the game of matching pictures. We focused on using the word “Pair” and finding the similarities. They loved having one on one time with Miss TJ and were excited when we added more matching pictures to the game.

Our Funky Feet class was up in the outside classroom. The group had so much fun and all participated in the routines and instructions. We did the ‘Chicken Dance’, learnt how to make a circle walking in and out and the children had the opportunity to get up in front of the class and do a solo dance.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss TJ x