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Hello families and happy Friday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Ella, Archie, Poppy, Rumi, Hunter, Zahra, Hudson, Zilo, Parker, Aria, Orion, Kezia, Grace and Luca into the yard. The children spent their morning making patterns with the colour blocks, high jumping over obstacles, making cookies in home corner and sliding down the slides. Before morning tea, the children lined up in their choo choo train, and sat on the mat with Miss Manuela who read us one of her amazing stories.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec who started our activities for the day. We started our group time, sitting around a fire which all the children contributed to, by each putting sticks in to make it bigger. While we were sitting around the fire, the children looked and listened to an audio book of “The Rainbow Serpent”. All children were so intrigued and listened quietly and beautifully. Once the story was over, we spoke about what the book was about to see how well the children were listening. We then all put “marshmallows” on the end of our sticks and held it over the fire to cook. We then role played by pretending to eat the yummy treats. As we were doing this, we had  “Innanay Capuana” song playing in the background which the children ended up really loving and singing along. Their favourite part of the song was when they say “CHOO”, as they all pretended to sneeze. We then packed away and put out our fire, before transitioning to the tables for some Aboriginal artwork. The children used red and yellow paint to dot paint all over the page. What a beautiful time this was this morning!

We then headed outdoors, where Miss Jenni lead us in our weekly dance lesson. We wriggled and jiggled, shaked our sillies out with the pom poms and danced around the outdoor patio area. The rest of the morning was spent with free play in the yard with Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten.

What a beautiful day we have had!

Have an amazing weekend.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Tayla xx