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Good afternoon families and happy Friday!

I was welcomed with a big hug from both Ellie and Harley outside this morning who then went back to having races around the hill pushing wheel barrows. We enjoyed the wonderful warm sun outside eating our delicious fruit and raisin bread. We had a an unexpected visitor, a bird fly down and join us on the picnic mat trying to grab some of Ellie’s raisin bread.

The children were so excited to see our new Teepee in our book nook area. They went straight inside and relaxed on the pillows. Miss TJ taught Ellie and Harley a song called 10 Little Inidians which sings about a teepee. Also great to extended on Ellie’s love for songs.- “1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians, 4 little, 5 little, 6 little Indians, 7 little, 8 little, 9 little Indians, 10 little Inidian boys and girls. oh ah oh ah, shoot the arrows… We build the Teepee, we light the fire”- We sang it twice, the second time Harley and Ellie joined Miss TJ in on the actions making the fire with their fingers and saying oh ah using their mouth and hand.

This morning we had our dance lesson. Ellie and Harley were both a little bit shy walking into the class. They just observed the other children and Miss TJ joining and then they started to feel more confident to join in.We did some stretching on the floor and copied some dance moves to warm up. When the dance teacher brought out the poms poms Harley screamed with excitement and ran over to collect some. Ellie ran over too shaking her whole body when she was shaking the pom poms.

When we came back into the room Ellie asked Miss TJ if we could wash the babies again outside like yesterday. So we put on our hats and headed outside with the baby dolls, cloths and a bucket. Harley was right in their enjoying the feeling of the water as he dipped his whole arms in. Harley said “My baby is a girl…Dino”. Ellie was singing to her baby as she washed the baby head to toe. She sang ” washy body, washy body…You’re a very good girl isn’t you, don’t cry”.

Inside the children had fun with the car mat and road signs. They used the cars to zoom across the mat. Ellie lined up the signs naming all the signs with what she thought it meant. Extending on from our enjoyment listening to fairy tale stories such as Goldilocks and Billy goats gruff. The children listened to a short story clip on the ‘Three Billy goats gruff”. They chose to sit in our new teepee and had some relaxation time before a yummy sushi lunch!

Hope you all have a great weekend and we hope to see you for our OPEN DAY TOMORROW

Miss TJ