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Happy “Fantastic Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Fantastic Friday. Just after we enjoyed the early morning hours playing in the cool outdoors, we had transitioned inside for our daily morning circle time/roll call. During this specific time, we utilise this experience as an opportunity to welcome and acknowledge all students and educators that arrived for today’s class. For today’s group we said our good mornings to Zahra, Hunter, Poppy, Aria, Grace, Luca, Parker, Goku, Zilo, Kezia and Everly. We welcomed our usual educators Miss Aaliyah and Miss Beck. During our morning circle time, we firstly discussed amongst one another the activities we had organised for today’s class. During this conversation, our friend Parker mentioned and recognised that we lived on the Gold Coast. Parker says to his peers aloud “I live in the Gold Coast mate”. This sparked our children’s curiosity as to where we live, which we then created a discussion on the country we live in. Together Miss Beck had presented a series of animals that live in our country and the Gold Coast, followed by an Australian waltz for us to dance to.

Just after morning tea was completed, Miss Aaliyah had guided our children to the group-tables to participate in sensory-based and fine-motor experiences. On the first table, we had pasta bubble-gum play dough. On this table our children had a chunk of bright pink play-dough with dry Italian spaghetti straps. This experience allows our children to throughly work on their fine-motor skills by pressing, squeezing, holding and working their muscles in their fingers/tips and wrists to play. As a follow-up from yesterday’s experience, we had continued to craft our specialised Mother’s Day gifts for all our mummy’s. As we stated yesterday we are all extremely eager and excited for you all to see what we have planned! While we were spending our morning creating gifts and playing with pasta and play-dough, we had our weekly Friday dance class. We then placed on our hats, shoes and sunscreen to complete a series of dance sequences through music and rhythm. These experiences not only improve on our children’s physical development but it allows our students to work together and socialise.

As we completed our lunch-time and rest-pause period, we then spent the remaining hours of our day at Kindy.

Have an amazing long weekend!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx