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Welcome to Friday’s Blog!

Today we had Milly, Connor, Zachary and Ayla in Senior Kindy. Milly was enjoying some time with her friends from the Pre Kindy room, building with the Jenga blocks. Zachary and Connor were racing the cars around the yard with their friend William from Pre Kindy. Ayla loved the flowers and leave in the water play trough before finding Milly and trying out this mornings obstacle course which focused on their balance. Both Ayla and Milly were so proud of themselves especially after jumping off the easels onto the soft mats. Zachary and Connor were also practicing their jumping skills over at the rock tunnel. They were so brave jumping off the rocks into the soft sand. Milly and Ayla joined the two and had a go as well. “Miss TJ its your turn” said Zachary. We then made our way into the shaded sandpit, experimenting with the wet sand.

Last week our Friday group discovered boomerangs while looking at a couple Australian resources. Today we visited the amazing artwork that the children did, making dot painted boomerangs. Miss TJ asked the children “Does anyone know what a boomerang is used for?”. Milly replied “I know, you throw it and then the lady catches it”. Ayla then added “Yeah! It comes back to you “. Wow very clever! Miss TJ and the group had a discussion on how the indigenous people make boomerangs to hunt and also for entertainment such as dancing and sport. We then went over to the computer and researched boomerangs. We found a video of an Australian indigenous man who showed us how to throw the boomerang in different ways. When the man caught it the children all clapped and were very excited. Zachary pointed out the paint on the mans body. We then searched a video of a group of indigenous people dancing , playing music with clap sticks and the didgeridoo and with amazing painted bodies.

Connor has been very excited to play with our Octonauts toy we received yesterday from a family. The children spent most of activity time searching through the toys and role playing stories together. There has been plenty of conversations between the children today. They have been practicing their sharing so nicely and involving each other.

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you next week 

Miss TJ x