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Happy “Fantastic Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a “Fantastic Friday”. We begin our Friday awaiting for all students to arrive for today’s lesson in our outdoor playground. As we awaited for the arrival of all children, we spent our morning participating in a variation of spontaneous choices of play. These include: reading stories, playing in our mud-kitchen, participating in tag and digging holes in our underground sand-pit. Shortly after all students had arrived, we transitioned inside for our circle group-time. During group-time we said our good mornings to all children and educators that had arrived today. Today we welcomed Archie, Aria, Zahra, Luca, Parker, Hudson, Grace, Nayla, Hunter, Kezia and just before lunch we welcomed Rania.

During our circle-time, our children had sat down with Miss Beck to read “5 wild shapes”. This book promotes shape recognition and gives our children a basic intro to shapes that are more complex such as: Hexagon and octagons. Learning about shapes provides a series of developmental benefits. These include: identify and organise visual information, understand the difference between different dimensions and teaches them how to sort and categorise.

Just after we had transitioned from circle-time to morning tea, we then completed a series of table-top experiences as well as allowing our children to enjoy their morning in free spontaneous play. For one of our table-top experiences we had a sensory-based table filled with yellow quick-sand, sea animals, palm trees, pasta and tweezers. The object of this experience is for our children to extend on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills. This is being demonstrated as the children are utilising their eyes to hold the tweezer with their hand. Fine motor skills are being utilised as our children are using the muscles in their fingers and hands to grip the tweezer and pick up the quick-sand.

Our second experience involves a colour coordination activity. The children had laminated place mats with coloured pictures and shapes on it. The children would then grab the correct coloured shape block and place it onto the picture, soon forming a 3D version of the picture. This experience is vastly significant as it not only teaches our children about shape and colour recognition but it allows our children to understand colour matching, shape matching and size matching. Just before our rest-pause and lunch-time period, our children had their weekly Friday dance class and had combined with the Kindergarten and Pre-Kindy class. Our children were very much engaged with this activity as it allowed our children to dance, utilising hula-hoops and socialise with their peers. Overall, we have had a very Fantastic Friday and we look forward to seeing you next week. Have a good weekend.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Beck, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla xx