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Hello families,

Happy Friday!!

We started our day with a big play outside soaking up some vitamin D! The children enjoyed playing and socializing with their friends! We also practiced our sun safe skills with hats, sunscreen, and water bottles ready, especially when playing outside!

As when made the transition inside for morning tea, we also engaged in our morning group time. Today’s group time consisted of welcoming each other and saying our ‘acknowledgment to country’. We sang our favorite songs and read a special and funny book about a dad, reflecting on Father’s Day😊

Then we enjoyed some inside free-play and explored our room and our favorite toys and activities! We love all the different options that are provided… from sensory play to creative arts to building, puzzles, reading, imaginative play, home corner and our car mat!

After packing away all our mess, Miss Jen visited us for our Funky Feet lesson! We had so much fun joining in all the dancing, actions and songs! It is such a happy and energetic experience that we enjoy very much! Thank you Miss Jen 😊

After waiting patiently for our lunch, we participated in constructing a BIG firetruck puzzle with Miss Leesa and worked together to put each piece in place. We did really well! We also engaged in some songs with puppets and sang ‘the wheels on the bus’ while using our imaginations in our seats as the bus.

We have had an awesome week and great start to September!

We would also like to wish all of our amazing dad’s a Happy Father’s Day for this Sunday and we thank you for all that you do!

We hope you all have a blessed weekend and we will see you all next week 😊

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana