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19 more sleeps until Christmas!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have had a lovely day to finish off the week. The whole of Senior Kindy we’re sitting on the swing this morning singing along to Christmas songs while Miss TJ had to use her big muscles to push them all. We decided to head inside as it started to get really hot! Everyone had a big drink of water and sat on the mat, relaxing and listening to a Christmas story called ‘Santa’s Surprise’.

Everyone was having a giggle at Asher and Zander’s faces after our yogurt for morning tea as it looked like they had Santa beards.

While we were outside we gathered some nature items such as leaves, sticks, gumnuts and bark. We added them to our play dough table today as tools to manipulate the dough. The children used the gumnuts and sticks as stamps in the play dough and carefully placed the natural items to make castles and houses.

We continued some Christmas baubles, but this time we collaged them with different coloured materials.

Milly wrote her Santa letter today making sure to sign off at the bottom of the letter.

The children also had fun with the dress ups today, practicing how to dress themselves and then danced along to a Hi 5 soundtrack.

Miss TJ made a road using some crayons and paper. It’s amazing how you can create something with only those items and the children have so much fun. Senior Kindy grabbed some of the match box cars and rolled them around the town.

Dance class with Miss Jenn was really nice. We got to wear Santa hats and dance along to some Christmas songs. Miss Jenn taught us some new dance moves and we showed off our own dance moves when doing solo’s.

Have a great afternoon and enjoy your weekend

Miss TJ