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Happy Friday!

It has been another lovely warm day with the children enjoying a big play in the morning outside. Mia was having a lot of fun washing the babies and then drying them in the water play tub that was set out on the grass. Ellie was pushing one of the kindergarten friends Liam on the swing. Asher and Zander were cooking up a storm in the home corner kitchen area under the shade. Kaylee was excited to do a painting and then try out the croquet game. We watched on from on top of the grass hill looking at the cars going past and a grasshopper that flew away and was eaten by a bird right in front of our eyes. The class then made their way over to the rope climbing. They laughed together as the rope was a bit wobbly and they were falling off. We had a lovely custard and fruit morning tea outside on the verandah. The children helped Miss TJ clean up the table with cloths before we headed to our Dance class with Miss Jenni. We had fun doing solo’s up in front of the class and dancing around the pom poms and the maracas.

Once inside we had a group time on the mat. We practiced sitting like Listening Lucy and went around the circle telling everyone our names and how old we are. Here are their responses when I asked how old they were…

Ellie- “Nearly 3”

Mia- “2 minutes”

Zander- ”3 years old. My birthday was yesterday”

Kaylee- Held up two fingers

Asher- “3 years old. I didn’t eat my cake all up”

Zahra- Held up 4 fingers and said “Four”

Extending on from the Doctors play yesterday Miss TJ brought in a doctor’s kit. We added two beds as hospital beds and the children were straight into the kit pulling out the tools and testing them on the patient. It was an awesome experience with the children communicating with each other and learning to take turns. They also took turns being the doctor or someone who was sick. We learnt that one of the tools was called a ‘Stethoscope’. Children’s voice..

Mia being a doctor- “Say ahh”

Zander being a patient- “I tripped over at the park, I got a sore leg”

Ellie- “I’m sick, I’m sick. I need a bandage”

Zander being the doctors then used the plastic play scissors to operate on Ellie.

Asher- Checked Mia’s temperature with the thermometer and counted “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!” Before pulling it out

Zahra- “Can I have a turn at the Stethoscope?”

Kaylee was then very kind to give Zahra a go

The children also had fun with a new construction activity called Gear set. The children used their creativity to design the play set. At the end that spun one of the pieces and watched on as their whole design spun around.

We read ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ before lunch and rest time. The children were all copying Miss TJ as she had a cranky face while reading in the Bears voice.  They loved the story and asked if we could read it again!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead

Miss TJ