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Happy Friday 😊

The day started off with a picnic by the back doors watching the rain fall. Yesterday a few of our friends were asking to play in the puddles outside but the rain became a bit heavy. Today the rain stopped for a while for the Senior Kindy children to have a play in the puddles. Zachary, Milly  and Hendrix chose to take their shoes off while Ayla decided to wear her gumboots. The children were so excited to run outside straight to the very big puddle which they had been eyeing out through the window all morning. The children had an absolute blast jumping, running through and splashing their friends in the puddle. They were amazing at taking turns at going in the big puddle. Ayla found a bowl near the puddle which she used to scoop up the water and pour it back down into the water. Zachary found a large stick which he used to go “fishing”. He said “I got a fish” as he showed his friends a leaf on the end of the stick. This became a game with the children trying to find fish (leaves) in the puddle. Hendrix found a watering can which he filled up with the puddle water and then poured it over the plants near by. After some big splashing Milly enjoyed laying on the swing feeling the splashes of water from her friends jumping in the puddle. The sun then started shining through the rain clouds. It was a wonderful experience enjoying each others company and joining in on play.

Once inside and in our new dry clothes the children went straight over to the home corner where they were role playing at the shopping station with Milly at the cash register and Zachary purchasing some groceries. Hendrix and Ayla were caring for the babies and making Miss TJ some delicious meals. Miss TJ also set up a creativity table with collage materials. The children were very keen to design their own picture where they can just go wild with the collage materials and drawing. They came out very colourful, we will place them on our gallery wall.

Today we also had our first Funky Feet lesson of 2020 with Miss Jenni. The group were so excited to dance around. Miss TJ was so proud of them all getting up to do solo’s. Hendrix was a bit shy at first so Zachary went up with him and then they showed off their moves. We did a warm up exercise dance and a disco dance where the children really showed us their moves.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ x