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Hello friends and families,

Happy Friday!

This morning we welcomed Hunter, Parker, Grace, Lachlan, Hudson, Zahra, Goku, Lilly, Kezia, Rumi into care. We started the morning in the great outdoors and the beautiful sunshine. The children spent their time engaging in spontaneous and intentional play, including home corner, obstacle course, a reading corner where an educator sat reading books, we had a chalk hop scotch on the back patio, connect 4 set up and bikes to ride on. The children had a blast this morning and spent a long time in this gorgeous weather. We then lined up in our choo choo train and transitioned to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat for a group time where we read I’m going to be a big brother” and “Thank you”. The thank you book is a great way to teach the children when to exactly use their manners, teaching them how and what to say. We then spoke about what activities we will be partaking in.¬†Today, we started by having a shaving cream and slime sensory tray, where the children mixed the two together in the tray and on the table, mixing the two different textures. Miss Bec asked questions such as is it smooth or is it rough?, is it slimy or is it solid? The children were able to describe what they were feeling between their fingers. This is great for sensory skills. We then packed away and washed our hands, sat back down where Miss Bec got out playdough. The children used rollers and shape cutters, but today we challenged them to try and make shapes/objects without the template. They ended up making snow mans, stars, love hearts and “doggy’s” without any shape cutters! Good job friends!! It was then time to pack away and come and sit on the mat where we had a dance party. Today, our favourite songs were “gummy bear”, “pat the cat”, we learnt and danced to the “chicken dance” as well as “simon says”. Some of these songs are very educational as we learn about different colours, how to describe different feelings for example, cat stood in strawberries, what colour were his shoes now? We then slapped on our hats and sunscreen and headed outdoors for a play before it was time for lunch.

Reminder: Please bring in your favourite family photo to share with us and put on our family tree. We would love to see all families on it, as it makes the children happy to see and it is a great conversation starter!

Have an amazing weekend!!

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx

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