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Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a lovely day to finish off the week. The sun was warming us up outside while the children enjoyed some of the experiences outside such as the sensory animal tray, spinning around on the swings under the fort and pretending the floor was lava while balancing along the obstacle course.

After morning tea the children went straight over to our Dance lesson. We had so much fun dancing along with Miss Jenny. We warmed up with some stretches and upbeat dance moves. Ellie has really gained some confidence over the last few weeks at dance class. Today she even stepped up in front of Pre kindy and Senior kindy and did a solo dance. Harley and Zahra enjoyed watching the children get up to dance and were a bit shy at the start of the lesson but as soon as Miss Jenny brought out the pom poms they both ran over with big smiles on their faces grabbing two pom poms to shake around. Zahra then really started to join in on the dance moves.

Once our lesson was finished, we went inside our classroom for more fun.

Senior Kindy : Zahra asked if we could bring out the cars. Harley discovered our new wooden cars drove forward by themselves when he pulled his car back rolling up the wheels. Ellie and Zahra wanted to have a go too. We had races with our cars seeing who’s car went the furthest. The children are really fascinated by our Babushka wooden set. Miss TJ sat down individually asked them to find either the smallest Babushka or the biggest. Continuing to learn about words for sizing. Harley, Ellie and Zahra could all point to the correct Babushka. After Miss TJ asked the children to pack the Babushkas away inside of each other which was another great learning experience for their fine motor, hand eye coordination and problem solving.

Pre Kindy : Miss Donna brought our water colour paints on the craft table. We asked the children to scrunch up a piece of paper and to paint the ball of paper. Then to open it again, scrunch it in a different ball and paint with a different colour. This gives the effect of Tie Dye. The children enjoyed using the water colours and seeing the different shades of colours mix together. Pre kindy also enjoyed playing with the mobile, home corner and investigating the bug grass mat using magnifying glasses/

Hope you all have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you for another fun filled week next week for SCIENCE WEEK!

Miss TJ and Miss Donna