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This morning we welcomed Kezia, Lincoln, Luca, Dominic, Poppy, Hudson, Rumi, Banjo and Goku into the room. We started the morning outdoors in the beautiful Autumn sun. We spent our time, trying to get the basketball through the hoop, jumping between hula hoops, playing in the creek, swinging on the swing and making train tracks. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors where we sat on the mat, read a construction book as well as “the biggest, hairiest, scariest wolf in the city” before singing bee bee bumble bee and going to wash our hands.

After morning tea, the children sat on the mat where we spoke about what activities we were participating in today. Today we decided to indoor outdoor play. Indoors we had Poppy, Kezia, Banjo and Goku and outdoors we had Rumi, Hudson, Lincoln, Luca and Dominic. Indoors with Miss Bec we had magical sand play, making sand castles and moving the cars around on the sand. The children loved showing off their sandcastles. This kind of play is good for a child’s sensory development, but to also extend and learn new words about describing the feeling of the object. The children used their cognitive and problem solving skills when making the castles, and moving them around the table to show their friends. Today is International Day of Human Space Flight day, so we did an art activity where Miss Bec painted a rocket using different colours. I then asked the children if they could copy mine, and free draw their own rocket. The children did really well at this, using the correct colours for the correct areas of the rocket. I love watching them use their concentration skills, looking and trying to make theirs look the same. Outdoors we had Miss Aaliyah, who had the children take off their shoes and socks, stand in some paint and run along the long strip of paper. They even got their hands in and crawled like a bear. This was a great way for the children to get a little messy, learn their boundaries as well as create some art while doing so. The children also enjoyed free play with Miss Aaliyah on the swing, pushing and learning the motion of pushing themselves. The children then combined with Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah outdoors, where we had a treetop dance party. Our favourite songs are “Pat the cat”, “this way that way”, “frozen” and “baby shark”.

I have attached a photo of our family tree. Don’t see your family up there?? Please bring a photo in so we can add you too! We would love it if we can have all of our families up there helping the children feel even more safe and secure.

Lots of love,

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx