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Hello families and friends…

This week at kindy we are celebrating one of our favourite events – “Book Week”!  We will be sharing a variety books for group times from Miss Leesa collection and encouraging the Senior Kindy children to bring along their favourite book to share from home. We thought it would be fun for the children to also come dressed as their favourite character from a book.  Yarn time we engaged in conversation as the children shared some of their favourite books they like to read and also discussed that their mums and dads read them stories during bed time at home.

Today we shared the big book story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. The children helped identify all the jungle animals in the book and discovered that the giraffe had trouble dancing cause his neck was too long, his knees were bandy and his legs were rather thin and he dreaded the ‘jungle dance’. However we discovered that all ‘Gerald the Giraffe’ needed was some different music to dance to and then he became a wonderful dancer. This afternoon the children are going to show off their own dance moves like ‘Gerald the Giraffe’.

Other play experiences today included practicing our drawing skills on the whiteboards, building spaceships and rockets with the lego set, role play in home corner with the blankets and baby dolls, farm animal play, constructing with the magnetic tiles, transport play and yoga with Miss Haley.

Enjoy the photos… Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana