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Happy Monday Friends!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Archie, Orion, Henry, Banjo, Aria, Rumi, Poppy, Kezia, Zilo, Lincoln W, Lincoln N, Rosie and Brayden.

Our friends spent their morning outdoors, Hudson, Kezia, Dominic, Luca and Banjo spent time in the sandpit making big towers and pancakes. Nayla, Poppy, Aria and Rosie spent time climbing on the obstacle course. Orion, Zilo and Lincoln W, Henry loved the swing and trucks, Rumi and Brayden did some puzzles and Toby, Archie and Lincoln N spent their time engaging with other children and educators.

Before morning tea, we sat on the mat and spoke about our weekends, Poppy spoke about her time with her gran and pa, Hudson and Banjo saw all the cool cars, Luca went to the beach and Kezia saw her nanny and poppy.

After morning tea, the children engaged in a range of activities. To start off, we all sat together and mixed together the ingredients for cupcakes for Aria’s birthday. The children took turns in adding the ingredients one by one, and then mixing it all together. We then started a second activity, called “Magic Milk”. Here, Miss Bec provided the children with a tray of milk, which had food colouring drops in it. The children then dipped a cotton tip into dishwashing liquid, then put it into the food colouring. They watched the magical effect of the food colouring expanding and making a cool pattern. Poppy, Luca, Zilo, Nayla, Toby all said “wow thats so cool”. I then asked them what they liked about the activity. Poppy said “it spread” and Luca said “I just love it”.

We then had our weekly yoga session which we all stretched and calmed down, before sitting down for lunch and rest time.

What a beautiful way to start the week.

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Jin xx

Just a  few reminders:

  • Please label your children’s items, this is including sheets. We have multiple of the same, and we have some children with the same names now too.